Happy New Year

I wish you all a happy new year, people! :)

This year, I think so, will be awesome!!!

In 2013 I learned so much about game developing and I know, that there is still a lot of stuff, that I don’t know. But all in all the holes filled themselves, so I’m now able to “prototyping” games (“prototyping” because my games are far away from what I want them to be xD ).

For 2014 I decided to learn some DirectX 11 stuff, due to the fact, that my dream is to be part of the game industry, when I’m older and they all (except a few) code their stuff in C++ with DirectX. For now, I’ve got a fully working DirectX Environment, which I coded by myself. ;)

Moreover, due to the fact, that I did a lot of gamedev in 2013, I’m confident, that my games, I’ll develop in 2014 will be MUCH BETTER than in 2013. ;)
Probably because I’ve got a graphics tablet in decembre 2013. :D

All in all I’m still filled with confidence! :)
Even if it was a big sh*t of stuff to learn sometimes. -.-’
Furthermore, I have a girlfriend which stays next to me and helps me, even if I don’t want it. :)

So, have a nice evening and do a lot in 2014, what you’ve not done in 2013 and more!


I’m registered to #1GAM, again! And you? ;)

Long time ago…

Hey, dudes.

It’s been a while, since I write something. :D
So… just to stay up2date:

I will continue working on the priject with Hopps. :)
Although I will make a second project, where I’ll test a “new” design concept.
It will be made out of “modules”, where you can interchange each module, without to break the whole game. :)
I think it will be very interesting. ^^



A little update

Hey, dudes. :)
A long time is passed since I wrote my last post.
That’s maybe because I have played a lot more than coding, due to the fact that Terraria was updated. :’D
But in nearly future I will resume to code something.
First of all, Hopps and my game have to be finished. ;)
I will posting screenshots on Twitter, when I coded some cool new stuff. :)


Resuming the work for #1GAM

Since I updated Pong Clone, I’m looking forward to continue at working together with Hopps.
The goal is, to release our game at the end of this month! :D
Due to the fact, that we coded and designed a lot in the last month, this goal could be accomplished in time. ;)

So stay up2date,

Changing the plan for #1GAM

Hey dudes.

Hopps and we, we have changed the plan, releasing our adventure game this month, due to time management problems. :D
But we will keep coding the game and it should be finished at the end of September.

So I decided to be a little bit “retro” and coding a Pong Clone. :)

Sorry for that,

Work on August #1GAM

Hey, dudes!

If you want to know some more about the game, I’m coding together with Hopps this month, you can read a blogpost of him. :)

Bug fixed, where you can’t comment my pages

Hopps was so friendly, that he ixed the bug, where you can’t comment something here on my website. :)
Now it should work fine.

So, if you like a game or just want to give me feedback, what’s good/bad, just comment. :)
I will replay in 1-2 days. ^^

Have a nice day,


Colaboration for August ’13

Yeah! A new month, a new game! ;)
This time, I started to code and design a game together with Hopps.

It’s absolutely fun and because of this we make big steps in development. :)
We have decided that it will be a little RPG with graphics like “Legend Of Yore”/”Realm Of The Mad God”, which will have a little multiplayer (if our time management works well), lots of things to loot and enemies you have to fight to gain experience and gold! :D
If you want to be up to date or view some images of it, just follow Hopps and Me on twitter.

So, back to work :D

Sleep, train, code, …

Hey dudes

I know, I didn’t post something for a “long” time. xD
But I were very busy with playing games, coding something, sleeping, meeting friends and so on.

Also I matriculate at the university in Dortmund.
So… now i’m a student! :D

Fortunately I don’t have to go to school anymore and my study begins in octobre, so I have enough time to code some little nice games! ;-)

This month I’m going to end my horror project.
At the moment I have to decide, if I remake the graphics, sounds, …
But I think, it will be a nice game. :)
So, be patient! ;-)


Planetation (my #1GAM June game)

Before I forget it to mention:


 PLANETATION is out and waits for you to be downloaded and played. ;-)


I hope you will have fun with this little game. :-)
You can find it in the #1GAM section of GAMES, right above this post in the menu bar. :-D

Or just follow this link :)



A little break

I know, I wrote nothing in the last few weeks, but I was really busy. :)

Had computer science exam last friday and it was terrible… :D
But the result is ok: A-


Although I have looked at SFML, a “simple and fast media library” for C++. ;)
It’s really simple! :O
So I’m looking forward in programming my games in C++.
What I really like and wated to mention is the fact, that this library handles your graphic with OpenGL instead of DirectX. So it supports not only Windows. ;)

But what I wanted to say in this post is, that I’m not releasing a game this month for #1GAM … :(
But insted I’m finishing my current project in the next 2 weeks and the last 2 weeks of June I will code a little game with SFML.
So at least I will releasing 2 Games in 1 month. :D

See you soon,


Ludum Dare

Yeah, guys.
I’m in. xD
Theme is ‘minimalistic’, so I think, I will make a game in black & white and with simple geometry. :)
See you tomorrow!


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